Monday, August 27, 2012

Work in progress

Seventy-thousand words awaiting another twenty-thousand or so and closure of this action thriller eBook with a working title THE BACK NINE, an obvious reference to a the back nine holes on a golf course where the story begins. That's about 20-days worth of work for me. I write everyday, weekends included, and write about a thousand words each day. That's unedited, of course. I like to edit the entire book at one  time. And re-edit as often as I feel necessary. Gives me an idea of flow and continuity. Also, that's when I finalize formatting for acceptance as an eBook. Then I'll add a cover and a table of contents, acknowledgments, and copyright info. The end is a great place to include references to my previous works as well as a picture of the author. Then, after I upload it all to Smashwords and, I can sit back and shout, "Author! Author!" and glow in my accomplishment for a second or two. Not much time for self-aggrandizement. Have to market! market! market! and move on to writing the next book, already germinating in the back of my well-fertilized mind. Anyway, I plan to have The Back Nine available this fall, and I believe that's a reasonable target.

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