Wednesday, November 28, 2012



C. Neuroticus Absolutus

Our snowman knocked
Upon our door.
I asked him what
He’d done that for.

“My feet are cold,
I do implore
A lump of coal
And nothing more.”

His great belly,
Round like a keg,
Hid any sign
Of foot or leg.

Was this a ruse,
Played on the old,
To get their goat?
Maybe their gold?

A bit of coal
To warm his toes
Would melt him down.
He’d come unfroze!

“My dear good sir,
I see your pain.
But give me time
And I’ll explain.

“A fire will warm you
Through and through
But melt you down
And that won’t do!

“I’ve come to like
Seeing you outside.
The sight of you
Fills me with pride.

“The old top hat
Upon your head
Was once my Dad’s
And he’s now dead.

“The scarf you wear
My brother wore
Before he left
To die in war.

“The broom you hold,
Scrub pail of brass,
My mother used
Years ’fore she passed.

“I’ve adorned you with
Things near my heart
My kids must learn
’Fore I depart.

“Things like courage,
Grace and charity,
Faith, love, hope,

“But come into my home
By the Yule log’s light.
I can’t let you suffer.
It’s really cold tonight.”

We sat and talked
For hours on end
About good and evil,
The hearts of men.

A happier snowman
I’ve never seen.
His constant smile
Dripped, glistening.

I mopped and wrung
Him out with a tear.
Maybe I’ll see him
Again next year.

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