Friday, April 24, 2015

Seven Books and Counting

Just published a series of three books based on the historic Japanese Era called the Meiji Jidai - the Age of Enlightenment, which is the story of the downfall of the shogun and the restoration of all political, spiritual and military power of Japan to the emperor after 265 years of rule under the shoguns. All these eBooks are available on

Just released eBooks
Meiji Jidai - The Era of Enlightenment - Historic Fiction
     Volume One - The Kaiyo Maru - The Prelude to Dawn.
     Volume Two - The Era of Enlightened Rule
     Volume Three - The Battle of Hakodate

Previously Published eBooks
Illusions - Japanese family life as seen through the eyes of three generations of Japanese women.

Scott Wilson Mysterys
     Kill Me Once Again
     The Back Nine

Home Again - Life in the Appalachian region as told by the women of the Randolph family.

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