Saturday, July 7, 2012

C. Neuroticus Absolutus

Feel the Appalachian breeze blow
             Its warm breath on melting snow?
It’s sharing all its secrets
       For those who want to know.

Smell the honeysuckle breeze?
                  Appalachian dogwoods vie to please
      Your tired and hungry eyes,
           Put your ravaged mind at ease.

Hear the Appalachian songbirds,
           Not some ordinary wrongbirds,
         Sing to soothe a restive heart,
    Without the use of words?

See Appalachian critters courting,
                 Their new springtime furs a-sporting?
                     They’ll make you giggle, laugh out loud
          With their humorous cavorting.

Taste Appalachian kisses’ thrill
                 From a lass who’ll break your will.
               Get the preacher from the hollow,
        Build your house upon a hill.

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