Saturday, July 7, 2012

 Days Gone By

Several years ago, in May of  2008, at the Valley Writers Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club, Rodney Franklin, Jim Morrison, Millie Willis, Richard Raymond III and others thought about leaving a legacy of works – perhaps an anthology - about Appalachia and the surrounding lands. I wrote several poems - although certainly not my primary genre - and we all unabashedly presented our work at Rams Head Book Store and a couple of other venues. Just so they won't go to waste, here are the four I wrote. 



C. Neuroticus Absolutus

Leaves leap
From their branches
To float on the wind,
Twisting, fluttering,
Down ever down,
Pirouetting on the ground
Waiting to be swept
By strong gusts
To dance their hearts out
With a cast of millions,
Dead to all but me,
Perhaps the only one
Who has seen them dash
Through the neighborhood
And purposely congregate
In my damn yard!

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