Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flash fiction, 100 words or less, a great exercise.
I finally got this one down to 99 words.

                           C. Neuroticus Absolutus

                                        The Kid

 “Give back my wallet, punk!” I panted.
  “Ouch!” Shaggy-Headed Kid squealed. “I’m gonna sue!”
   Pain slammed my chest, knocked me down. I dialed 911.
   “Heart attack . . . don’t know where I am . . .”
   The kid took the phone. “Next to Federal Bank, downtown.”
   He took my wallet and phone, looked at me and ran.
   I woke in a hospital room. The kid was at my bedside.
   “Mom said to give it back.”
   “You can keep the cash.”
    Shaggy Head smiled.
    We shook hands.
     That was five years ago.
     He graduated yesterday. I was there.

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